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About I-Credit Pte Ltd

About I-Credit Singapore

I-Credit Pte Ltd was established in 2009 to lend money in accordance with and under a licence (106/2020) issued under the Moneylenders Act 2008.

We understand that there will be inevitable ups and downs in life, and some emergencies are unavoidable. And we are here to assist you with that.

At Icredit, we listen. We care.

We help you find the best terms based off your situation, assisting you with your monetary needs. 

Why Choose I-credit?


We hold a Moneylender’s Licence from the Registrar of Moneylenders and we are familiar with the provisions of the Moneylenders Act 2008 (Cap. 188) and its Rules.

1 Hour loan approval Process

Quick, Easy and Convenient.
We respect your time, unlike other lenders.

Competitive interest rates (4% monthly)

Matching the industry standard.

Easy Repayment Methods

Headache-free, worry-free process even after the initial loan.

What do we offer?

Personal Loans

Fill in the application down below, we'll get back to you in 1-2 working day.

Why I-Credit?

Altruism: we are constantly looking out for the best interests of our customers

Customer focus: customers are the reason why we work each day. Never an interruption, always a pleasure.

Honesty: if we make a mistake, we admit it; if there is a risk for you, we tell you about it.

Integrity: if we cannot reasonably satisfy your request, we will not take your business. Our goal is to deliver solutions that work for you and for us.

Our Address is 82 Lorong 23 Geylang #05-02, Atrix Singapore 388 409.

Our contact no is +65 6222 5222

Find our business on google here.

I-Credit’s New Operating Hours From 1st January 2016.

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Closed on Public Holiday (“open on selected” call to check)

Note: We are open to student, unemployed / no income, ex-bankrupt, bad credit & NSF who is above 21 years old.

Loan Scheme

Approved Stamp

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our different loan schemes. We would also be happy to speak to you in person to help you decide which loan is right for you.

Cash Loan

Singapore Notes and Coins

Get the money you need at a competitive low interest rates. There are several different types of Cash Loan to address your needs. Discuss them here.


Writing on paper

We are a Singapore-based Licensed Money Lender and have been in business since 2009. Hear what some of our satisfied customers are saying.