Do You Need Loan For Your Wedding Dinner or Reception?

Whenever it comes to relationships money assumes a significant amount of importance. When you are planning for your wedding you need to be very clear …

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How to Get Cash Loans Approved from Licensed Money Lender

As of 1st Oct 2015, the licensed moneylender’s interest rate has changed to 4% monthly with no income caps. The interest rate shared on this …

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Debt Free Life is Possible in Singapore, Here’s How

With the increasing cost of living and rising aspirations, millions of Singaporeans are struggling to cope with the never-ending demands of meeting both these ends. …

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How to Find Out if a Money Lender is Licensed in Singapore?

In order to find out if the moneylender is licensed, click here to find out. I-Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender listed no 76th on …

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What’s the Interest Rate for Singapore Licensed Money Lender?

If you are searching online to find out the interest rate for licensed money lender, we have the answer for you.

Here’s what you need to know regarding Licensed Moneylender’s interest rate according to Registry of Moneylenders:

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