Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loans

Keeping track of several different loan types, interest rates, and due dates for repayment can be extremely frustrating.

Aside from the the sheer inconvenience, it is mentally and physically exhausting to keep following up with multiple creditors. 

Having debt itself is a stressful situation, we try to make it less complicated – giving you the mental peace you deserve.


Why choose I-credit for debt consolidation loan?

All licensed moneylenders share the similar terms, but what we can promise you here is a headache free-experience, unlike other lenders – you are not just numbers and paperwork at the end of the day.

How does a debt consolidation loan work?

With Debt Consolidation, you get to simplify the repayment process in one loan.

We help you combine your smaller unsecured loans and liabilities into a single loan so that you can pay them off easily.

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Bankruptcy Doesn't Mean the End

The road leading to bankruptcy can be paved with various circumstances – unexpected medical expenses, job loss, business downturns, or even global economic shifts. These events, often beyond individual control, can culminate in financial strain. But it’s crucial to remember that bankruptcy is a legal tool designed to offer relief, a chance to reset, and an opportunity to chart a new course.

While the immediate aftermath of bankruptcy might feel overwhelming, it’s essential to view it as a fresh slate. Gone are the insurmountable debts and the relentless pressure from creditors. In their place is the chance to rebuild, to learn from past experiences, and to approach future financial decisions with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. 

I-Credit is the first licensed moneylender in Singapore to be approved to provide loans to bankruptcy individuals. 

Discover how our Post Bankruptcy Loan  can help you get back on track.