False Reviews


It has come to our attention that there are someone/people or organisation(s) writing bad reviews about i-Credit within 2 hours today (7th Aug 2018, roughly from 11.30 pm to 1.30 pm).

We thought that did we do such a bad service to them? We investigated with our staff and into the profile of these reviewers.

Our Staff

We asked our staff did anyone (Gordon Lee, Eugene Lin & Rachel Tong) came in recently, or are they our clients? We checked none of the names appear in our database.

We check with our staff if we called anyone today to ask for payments, and the names did not appear on the list too.

We have trained our staff to behave and respond professionally to all our clients since 2009.

The Reviewers

We found out that 2 of the reviewers (Gordon Lee & Eugene Lin) were making accusations on other licensed money lenders within the 2 hours period. And using almost the same reasons to post as reviews.

Below are the screenshots of their reviews and the links to their review.

Gordon Lee


Eugene Lin