Frequently Asked Questions

These Questions are Some of the Doubts From the Borrowers.

These answers are not tailored to each individual but served only as a common guide.

Do contact us for more information to clarify your doubts.

Same day service is one of our hallmarks! Our consultants are trained and have the tools to make loan decisions quickly. Where possible, our customers get their loan on the same day that they apply.

Essential information includes:

  • The total amount you are borrowing
  • The repayment schedule
  • Any additional fees or charges that apply
  • Your ability to repay the loan in full, on time, together with any other existing and foreseeable contractual charges

A loan is a legal and financial commitment. You must be sure that you can repay it according to your loan contract. Check carefully that your income (monthly pay, for example) will cover the loan repayments – as well as any other financial obligations you have, such as rent, other loans or insurance plans.

Make sure you understand what will happen if your payment is late or if you cannot pay. Be sure that you know when and how late payment fees or other exceptional charges are applied. Ask us to explain any items that are not clear to you, in language that you understand. Read the printed loan contract we provide before signing.

Below are i-Credit’s unsecured loans;
– Up to $3,000, if your annual income is less than $20,000;
– Up to 6 months’ income, if your annual income is $20,000 or more.
– We are open to unemployed / student / NSF who is above 21 years old too.
Note: We are referring to Singapore currency in all our web pages in
You can compare interest rates, but be sure to compare ‘like with like’. The APR or annual percentage rate is a standard way of comparing loans. Interest rates are also calculated using the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. Always read the Note of Contract carefully to understand these. Ask us to explain anything that is not clear to you, in language that you understand.
Contractual and effective interest rates are often different. The effective rate is what you pay in reality. It may be higher than the contractual rate. Ask us to show you how to calculate the effective interest rate and the repayment of the original amount of the loan (the ‘principal’) plus the interest.
Check the Registry of Moneylenders. You can check the updated list of licensed moneylenders here.
At I-Credit, we take into account a person and his or her situation, not just a credit score. We have different solutions that may provide the loan that you seek. Speak to one of our consultants today for a confidential review of your situation and possibilities open to you.
As above, at I-Credit we look at an individual. If you are just starting your credit history, I-Credit can also help you to build your credit score. Contact us today and find out how!    
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