List of Licensed Money Lender in Singapore


List of Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

This blog post consists of the complete list of 156 licensed money lender/credit companies operating in Singapore that’s verified by the Ministry of Law (Updated on 19th May 2022).

Note: UEN numbers are included in the list.

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Simply use the “Search:” function and type in the area or even the registered company name of the licensed money lender in Singapore. We hope this post has helped you.

For a list of licensed moneylenders that’s open on Sunday, click here.

Please do your due diligence when engaging licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

List of Licensed Money Lender (Updated on 19th May 2022)

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Guidelines Licensed Money Lenders Must Adhere to According to The Ministry of Law

Borrowers are protected in Singapore because the ministry of law has set strict jurisdictions and guidelines that money lenders must abide by. The licensed money lender guidelines were established in 2015 and any financial loaning company that doesn’t adhere to these rules will face the law.

It’s vital to know the laws that govern these establishments so you can avoid selecting a fraudulent money lender. Below are the guidelines that all licensed moneylenders must abide by;

Interest Rate on Loans

Interest rate on loans must never be higher than 4%. Therefore interest rates are determined according to the balance interest rates.

Compound Interest Rate

Licensed moneylenders are permitted to using compound interest for outstanding principle ONLY.

Laws on Administrative Fees

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are only permitted to charge administrative fees on loans and it must never exceed 10% of the principal loan amount. The administrative fee is charged immediately once your loan has been approved and so there should be no extra charges afterwards.

Late Fee Payments

People who loan money in Singapore will still get charged for late fees but the loan amount is not allowed to exceed $60. Additionally, late interest on repayment fees will not exceed the four percentage rate.

Unpaid or Late Repayments

Borrowers will only be charged interest on late or unpaid repayments. There should be no interest charge on fees that have already been paid.

Total Fees Charged

The total amount charged for admin, interest rates and late repayments fees will not exceed the principal amount of the loan you’ve been approved for. Ensure that you read your loan application thoroughly to ensure the licensed moneylenders in Singapore are abiding by these regulations.

If you feel that the money lenders have not adhered to the mentioned guidelines, you have full rights to contact the Ministry of Law to report them.

How to Select the Best Personal Loan Moneylenders

It can be difficult selecting the best personal loan money lenders because there are many aspects you must consider first before signing up with a loaning company. Here are a few key features you must look at first before opting for a money lender.

Are They Accredited and Licensed?

You are at risk of being exploited if you’re working with unlicensed money lenders in Singapore. There’s also a potential risk of experiencing poor customer service from unlicensed moneylenders, which is frustrating and can result in financial struggles.

Reputable licensed moneylenders will prove the legitimacy of their business through being licensed whether it’s a PTE LTD or public business. Furthermore, a licensed moneylender has earned their permit by meeting the conditions set by the government for personal loan companies. Therefore you’ll be loaning legal money.

All the loan products that the licensed moneylenders offer must adhere to the legal Singapore guidelines. What’s more, if you are having problems with the lender you can contact the authorities because they have a comprehensive list of licensed moneylenders.

The accreditation is given to moneylenders from The Ministry of Law through the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore. These companies are qualified and recognised by the law so it’s imperative that you only take out personal loans with licensed moneylenders.

The Fees they Charge

All licensed moneylenders in Singapore will charge you for personal loan services. Before opting for a personal loan, check the fees the establishment charges. These lenders set their own amounts so you may want to compare prices of each money lending institute you’re researching. This is so you can select the services of a lender that offers the best pricing on the loan agreement.

All the fees and interest rate have to be stated on your loan application form.

Does The Licensed Moneylender Have an Excellent Reputation?

You don’t want to work with licensed moneylenders that has poor customer reviews. There is a reason clients aren’t happy with the services from some lenders. This could be because the business refuses to answer phone calls when there’s a need for assistance or they exploit their clients.

You can find out a lot about a loan company if you do extensive research online. To find the best one simply look for a registry of moneylenders in Singapore and see what people are saying about these establishments.

Although you may be in an emergency and you need fast cash, it’s important to find a lender who provides top-notch services to save you hassle & frustration.

Here are three aspects to research when looking at a money lender.

1. Experience

If you want excellent customer service then look at the lender’s experience in the industry. Moneylenders who’ve been in the industry for many years have perfected their workflow so that everything runs like clockwork.

Loan officers who’ve already been established won’t try to exploit you because they’ve already established themselves and so they want to protect their reputation. Not adhering to laws and taking advantage of clients can be detrimental to their business. Hence, you should opt for a loan officer who has been in the industry for many years.

2. Excellent Documentation

You must have extensive proof of all the information on the loan you’ve taken out. This means you must have a copyright document that you can keep in case you have a dispute with the lender.

Make sure the licensed moneylenders act and rules are stipulated in the document as well as the following:

  • Loan amounts
  • Payment schedule
  • Loan agreement
  • Loan tenures
  • Interest charge
  • Processing fees

The document that you sign will inform you of your responsibilities and what the lender promises to do for you. If you feel that the lender hasn’t abided by the signed documentation you can contact the national crime prevention council for assistance.

3. Flexibility in Payments Fees

As mentioned before, you should opt for licensed moneylenders in Singapore who is willing to be flexible on your repayment plans. For example, will they be willing to allow you to cease a repayment schedule for one month if you’re experiencing financial difficulties? Or will the company charge you for late payment?

Ensure that the money lending services allow exit fees. This is when you have all the money to pay off your loan with the company and you want to exit the contract by paying it in full.

Important Note

It should be noted that Singapore citizens have reported unlicensed moneylenders who are saying they’re accredited, only to swindle people into opening up loans with the business. These scammers offer loan requests via the following:

  • Text messages
  • Websites
  • An email account
  • Social media platforms that impersonate accredited money lenders

Scammers may also contact people via SMS or a phone call to suggest that they transfer money to pay off processing or GST fees before loans can be approved. These are scams and should be reported immediately. Take a look at the Police Advisory to find out if these establishments are licensed.

Furthermore, these scammers create false websites and social media accounts advertising that they’re licensed holders. These perpetrators will get people to send them personal data such as:

  • NRIC card number
  • Contact number
  • Personal address
  • Bank details

Even licensed moneylenders in Singapore are not entitled to your personal information via text, phone call or social media. All licensed moneylenders in Singapore must meet with borrowers on their business premises in order to approve loans using ID documents. You MUST visit the physical building so your credit score can be checked too. In Singapore, online loan application and credit reports are prohibited.

Final Thoughts

You can verify licensed lenders websites by going to Registry of Moneylenders. You should report any suspicious activity from potential unlicensed lenders to the police immediately. Call the X Ah long telephone number at 1800-924-5664 which is also used to report unlicensed lenders. Looking for similar posts? Check out the list of best moneylenders in Singapore.

Most of licensed moneylenders FAQs can be found on

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