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NSF Benefits
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NSFs enjoy medical benefits for the duration of their service, including consultation, hospitalisation, and dental treatment. If you’re a conscript or curious about what medical perks are available to NSFs, keep reading. Here, we provide information on the treatments and NS medical benefits you can access with your 11B card.

NSF Benefits Singapore (Medical)

Health services make up the NS benefits available to NSFs during their time in the force. However, the 11b medical coverage differs and sometimes depends on your rank. The following is an in-depth explanation of your health NSF benefits:


Free medical consultations are available at the unit’s Medical centre for NSFs who are ill. Since not all cases can be handled in-house, you might be referred to a restructured hospital for follow-up treatment. In this case, you get subsidised bills based on your NSF medical benefits. 

Outpatient Treatment

As mentioned earlier,  you receive free treatment at the Medical centre. On the other hand, if you’re referred to a public clinic, the ns benefits will fully apply as you get subsidised bills. However, you will have to pay for your first consultation at a public medical centre if:

  • You don’t have a referral
  • A private doctor referred you
  • You were referred to a specialist by name.

These welfare packages also extend to the servicemen’s dependents (wives and children). Nevertheless, you should note that the maximum amount you can claim per visit for an outside treatment is $20. 

LocationMedical Benefit Entitlement 
In-house medical centre Free
Restructured hospitals and polyclinicsFree after showing your SAF identity card
Restructured hospitals (based on referral for follow-up treatment)Subsidised according to your benefits scheme
Private clinics and hospitals Up to $20 per visit and capped at $350 yearly

Hospitalisation Benefits 

In case of hospitalisation, NSFs are entitled to a full subsidy of treatment charges, excluding non-subsidised items. Furthermore, they receive an 80% reduced fee on the hospital ward and meal charges based on their ranks.

The table below contains information about the ward you’re eligible for based on your rank:

RankWard Eligibility at National University HospitalWard Eligibility at Other Restructured Hospitals
Officer Cadet to Lieutenant4-bedClass B1 and B2+
Corporal to First Sergeant6-bedClass B2
Recruit to Lance CorporalClass CClass C

Does 11B cover MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

11b covers MRI cost only if the procedure is performed at a restructured hospital and you’re referred to a polyclinic. However, it can take some time before you can schedule an appointment, and this is due to the following:

  • You must go to the polyclinic before getting a referral
  • For the MRI, you must book a slot ahead of time
  • You must first see the appropriate doctor to be recommended for an MRI.

Service Injury

If you are hospitalised for service injury, MINDSEF/SAF will offer subsidised treatments depending on your eligible ward at restructured hospitals. MINDSEF/SAF continues to cover the costs of this treatment even after your ORD (Operationally Ready Date). 

There are a few steps that you should note if you sustained an injury during your service. These include:

  • Report to the Medical officer of your unit immediately, allowing them to document the incident in your medical docket
  • Submit your injury report containing personal information, time, place, and the circumstances surrounding the incident
  • Submit documents to substantiate your injury

If you have a non-service injury, you’ll continue receiving subsidised charges until you’re discharged. After your discharge, you stop receiving the benefits for non-service injury.

Dental Benefits

Aside from the general NSF benefits in Singapore, you also get special dental treatments when necessary. Like the general benefits, you receive free treatment in-house. Even if you are referred to a restructured clinic for outpatient treatment, you get a subsidy based on your dental benefits scheme. However, if your recovery process includes using precious metals or the services of a commercial laboratory, you have to bear the cost.

SAF Dental Subsidy Scheme

You’re eligible for an 85% reimbursement under this program for dental treatment costs paid at hospitals, polyclinics, or private dental offices. There is a cap of $120 per calendar year on this. Subsidies are available for many kinds of dental treatment treatments and supplies. However, there is no reimbursement for the cost of precious metals used in therapies.

What If NSF Medical Benefits are Not Enough?

Medical coverage with an 11B card in restructured hospitals and private clinics is advantageous. However, this doesn’t cover all scenarios where medical attention is paramount.

These unwanted health situations might not always be life-threatening, but they affect an important part of your life – finances. Without adequate funds, you might be unable to field certain medical expenses when needed. If this is your case, you no longer have to worry, thanks to i-credit.

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NSF benefits include receiving a free consultation and subsidised hospital treatments at restructured hospitals and private clinics. Your dependents are entitled to these benefits even if you’re a lower-ranking serviceman.

However, some medical emergencies are not covered by your health benefits. Sometimes, your NS pay is insufficient to handle the incurred expenses. 

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