The Ultimate Guide to NSF Pay and Allowance in Singapore


National Service is an essential part for Young male Singaporeans, as they enlist in the military and serve their country for two years. During this time, they develop the necessary skills to defend their country while building relationships with their peers. Upon completion, these boys-turned-men become Operational Ready National servicemen (NS Man). 

These Servicemen are given an NS allowance. The service also opens doors to receiving other perks like medical benefits. 

Whether you’re going to be enlisting soon and you’re curious about NS pay, you’re on the right page. Our guide walks you through the NSF pay scale and other benefits NSFs qualify for.

An Overview of the National Service in Singapore

The National Service is compulsory conscription to one of these divisions:

  • Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) 
  • Singapore Police Force (SPF)

NSFs are entitled to monthly allowances, but the ns recruit pay depends on which division you fall into and your rank. 


Your SAF allowance comprises a monthly rank and vocation allowance. The higher your position in the service, the more responsibilities you carry; hence, you’re paid more.

SAF NSF Monthly Allowance By Rank

RankStarting Allowance
Lieutenant $1,280
Second Lieutenant $1,100
Officer Cadet$860
First Sergeant $1,070
Second Sergeant $1,000
Third Sergeant $900
Specialist Cadet $670
Corporal First Class $690
Corporal $650
Lance Corporal $600
Recruit or Private (PTE)$580

SAF NSF Monthly Vocation Allowance

VocationsMonthly Allowance
Commando; Naval Diver; Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defence or Explosive Ordinance Disposal$400
Aircrew; Armour, Guards, Infantry; Combat Medics, Specialists or Officers in the Medical Response Force or deployed on the SCDF ambulances; Seagoing$225
All combatants except those under S/N 3 and 4$175
Service and Technical vocations$50


An SCDF NS pay depends on your rank. However, depending on your unit and vocation, you may be eligible for an operational fee. The amount you get ranges between $100 and $300 and is independent of the SCDF rank pay. Furthermore, you may get an NSF allowance for meals on duty for at least six hours. 

RankMonthly Allowance
Lieutenant $1,280 
Second Lieutenant $1,100 
Officer Cadet$860
Sergeant 2$1,000
Sergeant 1$900
Specialist Cadet $670
Corporal $650
Lance Corporal $600
Recruit or Private$580


Like SAF NSF, an SPF ns pay combines the monthly ns rank pay and the ns vocation pay. Similarly, those in higher ranks receive higher pay due to the bigger responsibilities they have to field.

After the Home Team Academy graduation, an SPF NSF also gets monthly funds for meals in addition to the NSF salary. The NSF pay for meals is $142 for shift work and $100 for non-shift.

SPF NSF Monthly Allowance

RankMonthly Allowance
National Service Inspector$1,280
National Service Probationary Inspector$1,100
Officer Cadet$860
Special Constabulary Sergeant 2$1,000
Special Constabulary Sergeant 1$900
Special Constabulary Constable or Vigilante Corps Corporal $650
Special Constabulary Constable 2 or Vigilante Corps 2$600
Special Constabulary Constable or Vigilante Corps$580
Trainee Special Constabulary Constable or Trainee Vigilante Corps $580

SPF NSF Monthly Vocation Allowance

Operational VocationsMonthly Vocation Allowance
Police Tactical Trooper, Police Tactical Trooper (NSI)$400
Assistant Navigation Officer, Ground Response Force Officer, Checkpoint Security Officer, TransCom Deputy Team Leader, ProCom DOC Trooper, Police Coast Guard Officer, ProCom Officer, TransCom Officer, Division Special Taskforce Officer$225
Officer Cadet Trainees, C3 Operation, Assistant Ops Officer, Dog Handler, Division Security Officer, Person-in-Custody Officer, Ops Support Officer, Community Engagement Officer$175
Company Commander, Staff Officer to Head Ops, Training Development Officer, Assistant Compliance Manager, Assistant Manpower Officer, Assistant Trainer, Trainee Special Constables (TSC), Operations Officer, Staff Assistant, S&T Staff Assistant, Bandsmen$50

What Do I Do if My NS Pay is Not Enough?

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National service in Singapore lasts for two years, during which you get paid monthly for your service to your country. Your rank in the service usually plays a huge role in how much you earn monthly in addition to your vocation money. While this amount could go a long way, it is not always enough to solve all your life problems. 

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