The best way to account for your finance is to keep track of what are being spend on a daily basis. With personal finance apps on the smart phones, you have no worries that you can track your finances.

Now, the issue is which are the best apps for the you?

We listed 7 apps that you should try out. Enjoy…

Platform Type

  1. IOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows
  4. WebApp

Free or Paid

  1. Free
  2. Paid


IOS Android Free

PocketGuard is an all-in-one bank account tracking and budget management app that shows you how much you've got in your accounts, as well as how much you can afford to spend for the day. The app connects to your bank and card accounts through an encrypted, read-only connection, allowing you to quickly view the status of your accounts and transactions while remaining secure. The app automatically sorts your purchases, subscriptions, and bill payments, and factors in your previous spending factors to provide you an estimate as to how much you can safely spend from your accounts without going into the red.

Download from Android or iOS

Wally Next

IOS Android Free Paid

Budget tracking app Wally has undergone a serious makeover with Wally Next. The update version introduces a freemium model that provides you with budget and expense tracking tools for free, with a wealth of extra features available through premium subscriptions. Users sign in with their email address, and can then set a savings target and daily budget, log expenses and income, track expenses over time, set reminders for bills and more, all presented in a timeline feed or in a calendar. Premium subscription packages add features like group budget tracking, foreign accounts and currency conversions, and other features. Bank account syncing isn't available though, so Wally Next will require a bit more manual tracking on the user's part.

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IOS Android WebApp Free Paid

Wallet is another neat mobile budget and finance tool that touts a lot of best-in-class features, as well as support for multiple currencies. The app includes automatic bank syncing for your balance and expenses. It also gives you the option to manually import entries manually, label transactions for easy tracking, and track budgets. Financial insight and other metrics and predictions display in easy visualizations to help you plan out your finances. While the app is free, you'll want the $14.99 premium subscriptions to take advantage of features like bank syncing, widgets, and more detailed charts and reports.

Download from Android or iOS


IOS Android Free

Link your existing bank accounts to MoneyStrands, and the app will help you track your balance, expenses and spending habits. Handy charts and graphs will show you where each dollar's going. Users can set personal savings goals and build a categorized budget, quickly figuring out if they've got space in the budget to indulge on extras. A calendar feature also helps you figure out when you make most of your purchases and when your income rolls in. The app is free to use, links with more than 500 financial institutions, and is a read-only finance and money management tool protected by 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your financial info safe from prying eyes.

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Money Lover

IOS Android Windows Free

Money Lover is an all-in-one freemium toolkit that allows you to track your cash on hand and bank accounts, create a budget, view infographic breakdowns of your spending and more. The free features already cover most of your basics, from entering expenses and building budgets to viewing and tracking your spending habits. With in-app purchases or a premium subscription, you get extra features, such as receipt scanning and automate expense tracking; you're also able to link your accounts to the app, saving you from manually tracking your bank account and related expenses.

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IOS Android Free Paid

Dollarbird takes a collaborative, calendar-centric approach to budgeting and expense tracking. You can add, remove and edit expenses and income past and future in a calendar-style view, with some AI help to categorize your entries. You can then view your expenses and income in calendar and timeline mode, or via a series of handy infographics on your mobile device or through a web interface. Premium users can create multiple budgeting calendars and share them with other users to collaboratively manage and log finances and expenses — great for small teams or families.

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IOS Android Free

Honeyfi is another app built around collaborative budgeting and households in mind. You can quickly set up a household budget as well as link your individual and household accounts to the app so that you can view all your expenses together. You can tag transactions, add comments, create categories, and have the app automatically recommend a budget and share financial insights that can help you and your partner come to grips with your expenses and plan out your finances together.

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