Personal Loan Without Proof Of Income

Personal Loan Without Proof Of Income

Personal Loan Without Proof Of Income

Sometimes you just need an urgent loan to cover your financial emergencies, but what if you don’t have a proof of income? Could you still be eligible for one?

People who face these concerns fall into the various category below:

  1. Just starting a new job and have not gotten a payslip or CPF contribution
  2. Self-Employed 
  3. Freelancer or contract workers
  4. Salary being paid in cash

Technically speaking, you are still eligible for a loan. As long you’re able to provide other relevant documents to prove that you’re able to make prompt repayments, you do not have to produce a payslip or CPF contribution statement. 

Relevant documents to get loan approval could include your Income Tax Statement, Notice Of Assessment, or even your Employment contract. 

How much can you loan?

The amount you can loan depends on your income earnings and the lender.

The first thing most of us will think of is borrowing from the bank. 

Banks can offer a larger loan amount, however, they have strict eligibility criteria and a longer approval period. For example, some banks might not grant you a personal loan if your annual income falls below $30,000 and only allow you to borrow up to 4 times your monthly salary. 

On the other hand, a licensed money lender can let you borrow up to 6 times your monthly income and extend a loan of up to $3,000 if you’re making not more than $20,000 annually.

How Can We Help?

i-Credit Licensed Money Lender provides fast and lenient loan approval for those without proof of income. We focus less on credit score and more on your ability to repay loans. We also provide flexible repayment plans according to your financial capabilities. Click the form below to apply for a loan.


How Can We Help?

I-Credit provides loans to people in the food delivery business, be it Grab, Food Panda or Deliveroo. Our repayment plans are flexible and tailored to what works best for you.