Real Estate Agent Loan

Real Estate Agent Loan

Loans For Real Estate And Property Agents

The Singapore real estate and property trend continues to soar, but it isn’t exactly good news for most real estate agents. Facing fiercer local competitions and being outmatched by firms and independent real estate agents with deeper pockets, it can be difficult for these real estate agents to get a share of the pie.

Independent real estate and property agents enjoy plenty of freedom in terms of schedule and income earnings. However, they are vulnerable to hard to predict seasonal demands, the volatile property market, and customers who are always looking for a better offer.

To do so, they will have to stand out from the crowd and this always incur costs. One of the biggest operation expenses is marketing themselves, including hefty recurring payments for listing platforms, social media advertising, or marketing materials such a promotional flyers.

Often, it may take many months before they get a return of investment from their marketing activities. It’s not uncommon to run out of funds midway, hence i-Credit provides financing loans to help real estate agents through their tough times.

Just staying above water may seem like a challenge for many independent real estate agents because they might have to juggle unpredictable expenses such:



  • Paying for and maintaining of transport vehicle
  • Hiring professional legal advisors for the transaction
  • Renting office space
  • Sudden medical expenses


We understand that cash can get tied up as the next paycheque can be months down the road. Unexpected financial difficulties might appear along the way, and sometimes you need that extra boost to get past those hurdles. 

How Can i-Credit Licensed Money Lender Help?

i-Credit provides fash loans and financing to real estate and property agents who need fast cash. Our loans have an easy application process and are approved quickly. i-Credit gives your real estate business the financial confidence to continue moving forward.

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Property / Real Estate Agent Loan

Is there any difference?

Real estate / property agent loan share the same terms as other loans type. We do not discrimate based on your job title or income range. 

Real estate / property agent: What are their income frequency/sources?

Real estate and property agents don’t have a fixed income, but do have a drastic income fluctuation from time to time. 

Our real estate / property agent loan help cover the months that are on the weaker side, to help you get over the bad monetary times.