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Wedding Loan For Marriage

For many Singaporeans, a wedding is an important rite of passage. For some, it’s the celebration of unity between 2 souls. While for others, it’s a symbolization of marriage, have children, and grow old together. 

Every couple wants to make their wedding a memorable event for themselves and their loved ones. That’s because weddings are a joyous affair that you’ll probably be only walking down the aisle once. 

However, the planning and execution of a wedding isn’t always smooth sailing. For the most part, limited finance tends to be the major pitfall stopping many couples from creating the wedding of their dreams.

How Can We Help?

i-Credit provides wedding loans to help couples with their wedding financing. We understand that a wedding is an important event for many and we are here to help you work out your financial pitfalls.

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How much does a wedding cost on average in Singapore?

On average, a wedding in Singapore can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. The cost largely depends on the type of wedding and the scale of it. 

We’ll provide a quick break down of it:

Banquet – $29,000

Typically cost around $800-1200 per table of 10. Prices might even go up even higher for more expensive hotels.

Bridal Package – $4-5,000

The package includes a bridal gown, suits, make-up, and bridesmaid’s dresses. 

Engagement rings -$2-6,000

Rings prices may vary depending on the materials.

Solemnizing The Marriage -$1-5,000

A casual event that some couples us it as proof of marriage to get their build-to-order flats.

Wedding Videography – $2-4,000

Hiring a professional photographer and videographer for the wedding to capture the memories. 

Wedding Transportation costs – $1-2k

Wedding limousine services or transportation for wedding guests during the event.

Why need a loan?

As you can see, a wedding can be very costly. Even with proper planning, unforeseen expenses might come up which results in financial difficulties.

i-Credit is here to help you. We provide wedding loans, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you.