Urgent Cash Loan For NSF

Urgent Cash Loan For NSF

Being conscripted in Singapore can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life for some.  But sometimes life gets in the way.

Why NSF Loans?

As Singaporeans ourselves, we all go through the same experiences – we get it. The NSF pay simply isn’t enough for to cover any emergencies. It barely even pays for the lifestyle we had before conscription.

Others, no matter how unpredictable is still a possibility, from family’s medical bill to repayment on mortgages.

We understand how it is to be in your shoes.

Cash Loan For NSF, For those in Need

We offer Cash loans and Personal loans for NSFs.

Lending up to $3000 for NSF loans,
with interest rates is 4% monthly, as set by Ministry Of Law for licensed money lender.

We are open to NSF who is above 21 years old.

Loan AmountTermInterestRepayment
$1,0001 Month$40 (4%)$1,040
$2,0001 Month$80 (4%)$2,080
$3,0001 Month$120 (4%)$3,120

*As a licensed moneylender, any loan is provided with an additional cost to you. This is the interest you pay on your loan. By law, the obligations and restrictions concerning a loan must be stated in the contract for the loan.

Read our FAQ for more information for borrowers.